Well begun is half done. – Aristotle

End of the Week

All the problems of the world could be settled if people were only willing to think. The trouble is that people very often resort to all sorts of devices in order not to think, because thinking is such hard work. – Thomas J. Watson

All the resources we need are in the mind. – Theodore Roosevelt

All virtue is summed up in dealing justly. – Aristotle

All Men

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

All men by nature desire knowledge. – Aristotle

All men leave the harbour of youth, but only few reach the very far island of wisdom. – Mehmet Murat ildan

Motivational Quotes

I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. – Socrates

I consider myself an average man, except in the fact that I consider myself an average man. – Michel de Montaigne

I count him braver who conquers his desires than him who conquers his enemies for the hardest victort is the victory over self. – Aristotle

End of the week

Natural ability without education has more often attained to glory and virtue than education without natural ability. – Cicero

Nature does nothing uselessly. – Aristotle

Nature provides exceptions to every rule. – Margaret Fuller


Magnificent promises are always to be suspected. – Theodore Parker

Mind is the great lever of all things. – Daniel Webster

Misfortune shows those who are not really friends. – Aristotle