www.motivationalsupport.com. The best way of describing who we are is by defining what we’re not…. We’re not psychiatrists or psychologists, or self-proclaimed self-help experts.
Neither of us hold a PHD or claim to have a specific area of expertise. While we’ve
each achieved moderate financial and professional success, at one point or
another, neither of us would be considered a “success” by society’s standards. We also
aren’t claiming to have overcome the “struggle”, or representing that we’ve seen
the “other side”- and are now suddenly qualified to pass on our worldly wisdom to
the masses. Quite simply, we’re two lifelong friends who’ve taken vastly
different paths yet have arrived at a very similar place, at the midpoint in our
lives. That place being where one asks themselves “Is this all that there really
is”? The answer, unequivocally, is “No”. But to find more, to truly find ones 
purpose or calling, it involves self examination- which can be quite painful and
requiring of extensive work. We are all the stars of our own personal movies and
have the ability to change the script at any time- but very few have the courage
to do so.
 As a means of trying to find true substance in a far too often superficial
world, we came upon the idea to create a website which would serve as a
for those who are also now faced with their own mortality- and hopeful to
change their own personal script. Our goal is to create an environment where we
can share materials and ideas which have helped us along the way, and provide an
open forum for others to offer their own personal insights on the various topics
addressed within

We clearly don’t have all the answers but, with the support and contributions of
our community of visitors, feel we can collectively help each other move toward a
more positive, enriching life. Our hope is that
www.motivationalsupport.com  will help to provide the necessary tools required for constructive life changes.